After the release of two albums, “The Painted Caravan” and “Tempus Fugitives”; “Final Reflections” is the third final album in the well-received Painted Caravan Trilogy. Like the two albums before it, it is full of colorful yarns returning to themes of love as in the tale of a man who falls in love with a woman in a painting, “Lessons of Love”, and “Nightwalker and Love Witch”; the story of a desperate love-hungry man under the spell of an enchantress. As was the case with the first two albums, Final Reflections has a dark side as well— such as the tale of an angry android in a dystopian world, “Artificial Man”, and the story of a man reluctantly rising from the dead in “Severely Blessed”.

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Tempest Fugitives - Peter Ulrich Collaboration

The Peter Ulrich Collaboration: "Tempus Fugitives"

The Peter Ulrich Collaboration "Tempus Fugitives"


Music Samples:

Dark Daddy

Drum the River

King of Fools (The Prisoner)

Mr. Johnson

En Bleu

Big Iron Gun


The Lycanthrope


Beloved Suicide

Song of All The Prophets


Zanzibar (Song of Nijwa)

CD description:

"Tempus Fugitives" is the second album in the trilogy which brilliantly follows up "The Painted Caravan", an album praised as "an unexpectedly rich and song–filled showcase" and a record which Popdose lauded as a "riveting and intriguing album". Collaboration leader and renowned percussionist Peter Ulrich performed with the iconic Dead Can Dance and contributed to the legendary UK supergroup collaboration This Mortal Coil.

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Part # AISCD002

Barcode: 828073100225