After the release of two albums, “The Painted Caravan” and “Tempus Fugitives”; “Final Reflections” is the third final album in the well-received Painted Caravan Trilogy. Like the two albums before it, it is full of colorful yarns returning to themes of love as in the tale of a man who falls in love with a woman in a painting, “Lessons of Love”, and “Nightwalker and Love Witch”; the story of a desperate love-hungry man under the spell of an enchantress. As was the case with the first two albums, Final Reflections has a dark side as well— such as the tale of an angry android in a dystopian world, “Artificial Man”, and the story of a man reluctantly rising from the dead in “Severely Blessed”.

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Founded by Kevin Berg in 2005, Audiophile Import Specialists offers North American and international distribution for large and small quality record labels and a select group of artists. Distribution covers all types of music including music specifically for the audiophile market. Distributed labels and artists include Opus 3 Records, First Impression Music, Turtle Records,, Master Music and artists such as Dean Peer, Jean Frye Sidwell and, of course, Peter Ulrich and The Peter Ulrich Collaboration.  “The Peter Ulrich Collaboration is the most interesting album I heard in 2013.  It is a landscape of musical colors.  I fell in love with it almost immediately and wanted to distribute it.” AIS Records is the Label Imprint of Audiophile Import Specialists     

Kevin's previous work experience included Executive Producer on half a dozen Commercially Released Music CDs. Responsibilities included Executive Management of the U.S. Audiophile Department for the JVC Corporation including all Fulfillment Operations, Recording/Production Budget, Cost Center P&L and Domestic and International Licensing and Distribution (including contract and price negotiations). Accomplishments while at JVC include “Best Remastered Recording of 2003” Award from the prestigious Audiophile Magazine: Soundstage!. Other accomplishments include written interviews with several Audiophile Magazines including: Stereophile Magazine and recorded interviews for Satellite Radio Programs for the companies: Sirius and XM. His previous work history also includes Production/Inventory Management for several Record Labels where he worked as a Coordinator on several releases for well-known artists including Frank Sinatra and Metallica. He is a published author and was also Co-Editor of the “National Directory of Record Labels and Music Publishers.” Procurement History includes work as a Music Buyer for the largest independent Music Distributor in U.S. History entitled: “INDIE”. He has also worked as a Consultant for several domestic and international entertainment companies. He recieved a BS in Commerical Music Business from Georgia State University.